et al. – the magazine

Et al. is powered by four students, who ask themselves the following questions:
What is art? What is literature? What is culture?
Where do they meet and where do their limits blur?

Our answer is this magazine. It is et al.’s mission to bring together artistic thought and work from various areas in order to create a broad and colorful picture of creativity. At the same time, at al. aims to deepen its readers‘ understanding of intermediality, interculturality and interdisciplinarity in art, literature and culture.

Et al. addresses artistic people, who do not limit themselves to one form of art, but rather explore the many ways in which art and literature can be developed. Especially individuals with more than one ethnic, cultural or linguistical background are more than welcome. Every kind of dualism expressed with the help of art will be a great enrichment for this magazine.

We want to create a space for young and still unknown artists to show their art, express their thoughts through art and literature, or contribute with journalistic content about art, literature and culture. Et al. also seeks to bring together all these artist with the result of an enriching intercultural, interartistic experience and dialogue. Et al. [and other] is not only our name, but also our motto: in addition to what is known there is always the unknown. This is what we want to bring to light.

The young and motivated team of the et al. magazine is eager to offer a broad spectrum of interesting, enjoyable and educational content. We are always happy to receive comments, suggestions for improvement, and, of course, your contribution! Check out our contribute-page and submit your art!

Title picture © Anna Sommerfeld