You are an artist, author or an art, literature and culture enthusiast?
You want your artistic voice to be heard, your unique style to be brought to public? You want to express you thoughts and emotions through art and literature and communicate with others? Or you want to comment on and write about a relevant topic? The et al. magazine will welcome your contribution regardless of your experience! Just start your journey with us!

English and German prose will be accepted. Poetry may also be written in Italian, French, Russian or Japanese. In this case we kindly ask you to attach a German or English translation to your submission or to contact us for an alternative solution.

Of course, each submission will be carefully examined. Hate, exclusion as well as party political statements have no place in the et al. magazine. Please note that gender-appropriate language will be required.

We cannot guarantee that every submission will find an appropriate place in the desired edition. We will inform you in the event that your submission will be published in the subsequent edition.

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Title picture © Lavinia A. Hart