Lavinia Arabella Hart

Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.

Oscar Wilde

I am artist by passion. For me, art is a broad colorful spectrum. Dancing, painting, playing instruments, writing prose and poetry, taking photographs – this and more enables me to explore the world with open eyes and ears, to share my thoughts and emotions. Studying literature opened my eyes to the huge importance of literary as well as other artistic ways of communication: The et al. magazine is one of the reactions to this realization. For me, art is not a completed action with concrete results, but rather a lifestyle. Art is the spirit of a creative and fulfilling life. The et al. magazine is a space for ideas, for the exchange of thoughts and for artistic encounter. 

Felix Jesse

Mein schönstes Gedicht?
Ich schrieb es nicht.
Aus tiefsten Tiefen stieg es.
Ich schwieg es.

Mascha Kaléko

I believe I truly met writing even before learning it. For me, art means creation – creation of words, sounds, movements but also the creation of happiness, sadness, anger. In my own art I like to focus on everyday objects and interactions, breaking them down to their most essential components and parts. My photography represents an element of contrast to my poetry – contrast in the truest sense of the word. In black and white pictures I show geometry, abstract distortions and the interplay and symbiosis of different textures. I wish for et al. to not only become a shelter and safe space for artists, but also to be an opportunity to be seen and heard.

Elena Lach

Und dann muss man ja auch noch Zeit haben, einfach da zu sitzen und vor sich hin zu schauen.

Astrid Lindgren

 I’ve been writing ever since I learned how. Ever since then, not a day has passed during which I don’t write; the notebook is my constant companion. That has led to questions arising. And in recent years even so increasingly clearer: What to do, how to live in these times, in which everything blurs, overlaps and feels connected to everything on some layer – what, under these circumstances, is contemporary art? It’s a jumble of art forms and a mix of cultures. And I dance and write and live chaos and clarity. Yet I’m not doing that alone; I want to give space and invite you to take space with us together. Space for art, space for being.

Nadia Moling

Vita brevis, ars longa.


Ars sum. I am art – art is my essence, in all its forms. My boundaries become blurred between art, literature, music, philosophy and linguistics. I’m a free spirit – one-sideness means my death: If I have to reduce/limit myself to a single discipline, I run out of steam. The reason lies in my origins: I was born in the social environment of a language minority, therefore I grew up in the middle of a cultural mixture and a language confusion. I don’t know semplicity, I don’t like semplicity – I’m constantly searching for complexity. In this spirit, et al. is a space for interdisciplinarity, a space that dissolves borders and builds bridges, a space for art: for art lovers and art creators. It is a space for freedom of expression – for me and for you.

Profilbilder und Bannerbild © Anna Sommerfeld